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For example

Request with Invalid key still return the content and rate limit stepped down into No Key Limit

X-Ratelimit-Current 290
X-Ratelimit-Max 300

Even If I change key to another invalid key, its still continue to decrement X-Ratelimit-Current

But this getting started page says

Requests with invalid or revoked keys are not completed, they are not stepped down to the No Key limit.

Edit: Fixed!

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Now, requesting with invalid API key returns following

  "error": {
    "code": 4000,
    "message": "The 'key' query parameter containing your application's public key is missing or invalid."

So, it has been fixed now!

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I can confirm that this indeed works even with the wrong key.

And furthermore, it seems that any request with an invalid ID is being completed.

Definitely a bug. For sure.

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