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Fetch the Personalized Prediction Data through the API?

Is it possible to get a user's personalized prediction data in an automated way?

Array boolean values are returning empty

I am trying to convert a JSON array to a PHP array, and the boolean values are being lost. I think I need to loop round using foreach() and cast the items as they are placed in to the new array, bu…

Limiting the number of items returned by a request?

How can I limit the amount of items returned to me when performing an API call? I only want the top 10 most commonly used tags, by default I'm sent back 30. EG:…

Stack Alert [Opera] - Keep tabs on your inbox without needing to have a Stack Exchange site open

Tell at a glance how many items are in your inbox without worrying about having a tab open to a Stack Exchange site.

Threaded comments

Display comments on questions and answers in conversation threads instead of linearly

WStack - Stack Exchange app for Windows Phone

WStack provides a quick access to Stack Exchange sites. With WStack you can, Login to your Stack Exchange account. View your Stack Exchange messages, notifications and network activity. View you…

Showing Different user on posting a comment on test environment

I am testing stack exchange API to post a comment to the test environment( am providing the client_id and key for my current accoun…

'The target origin provided does not match the recipient window's origin' message when trying to use localhost

I am trying to experiment with the Stack Overflow API on my localhost and am struggling to get the authentication to complete. Here is my application JavaScript code (note that I am using IBM Workl…

Test App for testing stack exchange API for write_access to Stack Overflow Website (Placeholder)

This application tries to post a question to stack overflow website using the stack Exchange API. The application is still under development and this is the mandatory post I need to make to test my…

Is there an offline copy of the API?

I'm trying to find a way to get all the information in the API in one printable PDF, complete with the examples given in the documentation. Is there anyway I can do this?

Please add the `tagged` parameter to /answers, /users, etc

The /questions endpoint supports a tagged parameter which I find quite useful. However, it's the only route that appears to support this parameter. If, say, I want to get questions asked by a giv…

Invalid HTML characters in questions bodies

While writing an Android App that shows questions from the SE network, I've noticed that the SE REST API returns invalid HTML characters; after a bit more of researching I've found it's not the API…

SE Additional Optional Features

There are a lot of feature-request's on Meta that seem useful. I've gone through some of them, and made one userscript to add some, or all of them: Features added: Fixed Topbar (v0.1) Unfade low…

View Post Timeline

Inspired by this MSO question. This tiny userscript will add a link to the timeline for any post, just below the "favorite question" star button. Example image: This is the code: // ==UserScr…

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