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Add close-vote information to the questions object

Would it be possible to add close/reopen vote information to the questions object? For example, you usually see something along the lines of: close (3) when a question has three (current) close…

Looking for a beginner's tutorial to using the API

I see the Stack Exchange API but I'm unable to understand it. I don't think there is any fundamental tutorial showing how to use Stack Overflow fully in the API documentation. I want some fundamen…

Posting question using StackExchange API

I created one app to post questions to Stack Exchange Websites. While checking in doc page of my application, i.e.,, the question is posted. If I …

/questions/add of StackExchange app gives nonsense response

When I run from the doc page and from my app. The response is sometimes nonsense: { "error_id": 407, "error_message": "You cannot perform…

Role of “preview” in “/questions/add”

To post questions using Stack Exchange API, I am using /questions/add. What does parameter preview do, i.e., if we set it to true/false, what behaviour would it give?

Encoding problem while accessing the API using Java

Trying to call an API URL from a Java application, I'm having problems accessing the contents of the URL. I can access other sites through my program but not the Stack Exchange site. But I can cal…

Unnecessary parameters in query string in /me/questions when only “total” is requested

To get all the questions that I have asked, I am using Stack Exchange API, I am using /me/questions. When only total is requested, order and sort are also given as parameters in the query string. I…

Clickable link in “Try It” section of some doc pages

In the "Try It" section of some doc pages, the link is not present. It is present in the below image Its not present in the below image

The `top_questions` field shows outdated information?

I am using Stack Exchange API. I posted question from the doc page /questions/add to Stack Overflow. This was my first question. As that question was to check the function /questions/add, means it …

Select all answer fields should also be present

Like "unselect all 'response' fields" would get displayed when we click on any of the fields marked in the snapshot below, same way there should be - "select all 'response' fields" Similarly, one l…

Do the questions tagged “placeholder” need it explicitly in the title?

I have create a placeholder question, but just noticed that all the other ones have "(placeholder)", "[PLACEHOLDER]" or some variant in the title. Do I need to include it in the title if it's tagged?

How can I introduce my Stack Overflow app to other users?

Recently, I created a project to manage and extract questions from Stack Overflow and convert those to PDF docs. I put it on GitHub. I think this project could be improved and could be very helpfu…

Is there an api to post questions without using the websites interface?

I wanted to post questions after a proper user authentication explained here. Is there anyway I can do this?

Why does dropdown comes in “Rev” when we edit published app?

I have published an app and editing it. One new "Rev" tab is created and it is giving me a dropdown as shown here. Why it is being created here? It is not created in any other Stack Exchange websi…

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