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Wrapper implementation method to get user notifications in Stack Exchange?

I'm trying to build an app that requires me to get the user notifications for a particular Stack Exchange user. Now, I'm trying to use Java to accomplish this and I came across this wrapper librar…

Has calling StackAuth changed for Apps?

I started upgrading to v1.1 and have an interesting problem I can't seem to resolve. When calling using a .Net WebClient I receive responses successfully and I am ab…

1.1 sites - SO and MSO

In 1.1 with the new related sites, is it intentional that MSO and SO are not related?

Do calls on the 1.1 API and the 2.0 count against each other's limits?

Do the old 1.1 API and new 2.0 share limits? Or do my Stack Apps running on 1.1 calls not affect my limits for apps running on 2.0 calls?

Would implementing both 1.1 and 2.0 APIs in an app/script to get around the API quotas be considered abuse?

In another question I asked it was established that The IP, and user/app-pair quotas are separate in V1.x and V2.0. So with this in mind would an app or script which implemented like methods …

Announcing API version 1.1 and Roadmap

As has been announced on the blog, we're rolling out a minor revision of our existing read-only API. While the blog post gives some high level details, I figured [app] developers would appreciate …

Error on Authentication - App Secret Doesn't match

I'm using the explicit OAuth flow and am getting errors when using the "code" value returned after a successful authentication. Can anyone post a sample HTTP POST with a redacted secret value? Ac…

How to search my threads based on some key words?

As I have already many threads in some StackExchange sites, sometime I would like to be able to search among them, for instance, based on some key words. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you!

Stack Overflow Android application to answer questions

I am a regular answerer on Stack Overflow, and I have been trying to use my Android phone for my workflow, but unfortunately the mobile Web application is very cumbersome to use: for example, …

Top answers for a tag is returning user details?

I am expecting top answers for a particular tag here. But it returns user details. Is anything wrong here? Using: /2.2/tags/java/top-answerers/all_time?site=stackoverflow

How to get the 10 most recent questions with accepted answers based on a given tag?

I am trying to figure out how to get the 10 most recent questions from the Stack Overflow site, that have been answered, based on a given tag (such as 'Java'). I looked at the documentation but I…

How to monitor (for new) accepted answers by certain tags?

In practice, I don't know the IDs of the questions, but I can search for answers by given tag(s). The problem is how to find (newly) accepted answers. The "activity time" does not work for this. …

Search for answers/comments under questions with certain tags using the Stack Overflow API?

The advanced search (/search/advanced) API can search for questions by tags. But /users/{ids}/answers API doesn't take tags. I'd like to monitor answers/comments for questions with certain tags. …

How to search answers like is:answer

How can I use the API to search for answers containing particular text or with particular properties? For example, this link allows me to search for is:answer foo, that is, answers containing foo. …

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