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Can the redirect_uri contain port number?

Is it possible to have the redirect_uri contain a specific port? For example: Assuming that is my registered domain, is the 8080 allowed? I have tried to put it as p…

How do I get the ten reputation required to post an image for my app?

Funny that in order to enter and include a screenshot, you need ten reputation points. Go figure.

Problems opening a question link into an iframe

When we execute a search request we can get back a list of matching questions. One of the properties of the response is called "link" which is a URL to the question itself. In my application, I…

Get all questions of a particular tag in API 2.2 in PHP

I'm trying to get all the questions for documentation on Meta Stack Overflow in PHP. The code I'm using is as follows: <?php $feed = file_get_contents('…

Application Key and AccessToken are not working for Stack Exchange API?

I have followed the documentation and used explicit OAuth 2.0 flow for access_token generation. And I have gone through all 4 steps defined under explicit OAuth 2.0 flow with scope=no_expiry. Then…

Version 1.0 released 9th of July

For a lot of us, that would be next Friday. At some point - most likely after noon PST - version 0.9 of the API will be replaced with the final 1.0 release. There are no expected interface change…

Is there an offline copy of the API documentation?

I'm trying to find a way to get all the information in the API in one printable PDF, complete with the examples given in the documentation. Is there anyway I can do this?

Implicit Flow Isn't Redirecting

I'm using the WebAuthenticationBroker to allow users to log in to their account: var accessToken = ""; var uri = "…

How to post the answers from .net application to stackoverflow using stackoverflow API v2.2?

Is it possible to post the answers for stackoverflow questions using .net with stackoverflow API v2.2 ?

How do I find all questions/answers per a tag using .Net?

I want to get the list of questions based on tag name using .Net. can any one please let me know how to achieve this using .Net with API Version 2.2?

Got a Bad Status Line

Since about 10 AM US-CDT on August 8, 2015, I've been getting ('http protocol error', 0, 'got a bad status line', None) on a /users/{ids}/associated query after several successful such queries e…

Wrapper implementation method to get user notifications in Stack Exchange?

I'm trying to build an app that requires me to get the user notifications for a particular Stack Exchange user. Now, I'm trying to use Java to accomplish this and I came across this wrapper librar…

Get users based on location?

I want to get site users by their location but I don't see any method for that. And it's not possible with a filter either. Is there any way to get users based on location or is it not possible?

How to increase app request quota from 300 to 10,000?

In the app management page for a little app I made, the following statement is presented below this key Pw9D)judG8FE4tJR3qjUTA((: Pass this as key when making requests against the Stack Exchang…

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