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Review Stalker Reloaded: A cross-site dashboard for reviews

Based very loosely on the Review Stalker user script, this script has been rewritten several times since then. Its purpose is to be a one-stop pinned tab, always checking for review opportunities a…

wrong results of api /search/advanced

I am querying for results of /search/advanced. The request I am sending is`key`&access_token=`access_token`&…

Guidance on usage thresholds - specifically throttling

I am running a lot of tests and have started to get 403 errors. I am using a key and certainly have not exceeded my quota. Am I running foul of some yet unmentioned throttling threshold and if so…

Error on Authentication - App Secret Doesn't match

I'm using the explicit OAuth flow and am getting errors when using the "code" value returned after a successful authentication. Can anyone post a sample HTTP POST with a redacted secret value? Ac…

How to search my threads based on some key words?

As I have already many threads in some StackExchange sites, sometime I would like to be able to search among them, for instance, based on some key words. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you!

Android app for Stack Overflow

Is there any android app for Stack Overflow available? Which basic features must I include if I develop this app? Ideas are appreciated.

Dude, where's my cursor?

This user script makes editing especially of large posts easier by matching cursor positions in the text box to positions in the Markdown preview and vice versa.

Problem Implementing Socialite Stack exchange

I get code and access token but i cannot call API function My url being generated…

StackExchange API Java wrapper

StackExchange API Java wrapper is a Java wrapper for StackExchange API v2.2. ;-) Right now it's in early development stage. I am posting it here because I would like to build it with you. This tool…

v0.1, hsz

Same access token between different fetch_token requests

TL;DR: Is it (or would it be) possible to get the same access_token from one fetch_token request to another, provided that the user is the same? Scenario: An anonymous user authenticates with S… Enhancer (sticky top bars)

Makes the grey Stack Exchange bar and a shrunken logo bar sticky to the top of the window.

OAuth domain with a custom port in a dev environment?

I have an app for which the OAuth domain is However, the domain for dev environment is When trying to authorize the website, Stack Exchange replies with an error spec…

Can the redirect_uri contain port number?

Is it possible to have the redirect_uri contain a specific port? For example: Assuming that is my registered domain, is the 8080 allowed? I have tried to put it as p…

Enhanced Review

This userscript adds voting options to the sidebar of Close Review and Low Quality Review of Stack Exchange sites, as well as Help & Improvement Queue on Stack Overflow. Close and HI Review …

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