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404 “This Method cannot be called this way” when getting user's inbox

I'm doing a POST request to<id>/inbox to get the users' inbox items. However I'm getting a 400 error on the request, and a JSON body saying it was a 4…

StackExchange API Java wrapper

StackExchange API Java wrapper is a Java wrapper for StackExchange API v2.2. ;-) Right now it's in early development stage. I am posting it here because I would like to build it with you. This tool…

v0.1, hsz

Message Notification App for AskUbuntu and/or StackExchange

I was wondering if there is any way to get notified in due time when someone replies to my posts/comments on or, other than via email notifications. What I have in …

/me/inbox is not returning most recent items

Looks like /me/inbox is either a bit behind or it's not supposed to be realtime. Explanation: for a comment that I received 4 hours ago It's not returned in the API: https://api.stackexchange.c…

SE Additional Optional Features

There are a lot of feature-request's on Meta that seem useful. I've gone through some of them, and made one userscript to add some, or all of them: Features added (go to Github to see their descri…

Is there any app that could extract and manage questions from Stack Overflow?

I'm looking for help with a Stack Overflow application that could do the following things for me: Extract the top voted questions at a given date and tag Extract the answered questions of some gi…

WStack - Stack Exchange app for Windows Phone

WStack provides a quick access to Stack Exchange sites. With WStack you can, Login to your Stack Exchange account. View your Stack Exchange messages, notifications and network activity. View you…

Official support for SE apps

Is SE a company, or to put it another way, is it possible to develop apps for SE itself, rather than as a 3rd party? I find it frustrating to get to a complete list of my sites, you have to go to …

Answerer Name comment highlighter

Update: This has been added to my Optional Features userscript - please go there for the latest version. After reading this, I really liked the idea, so I made a Userscript to highlight answerer…

Stack Alert [Opera] - Keep tabs on your inbox without needing to have a Stack Exchange site open

Tell at a glance how many items are in your inbox without worrying about having a tab open to a Stack Exchange site.

Threaded comments

Display comments on questions and answers in conversation threads instead of linearly

Is there an offline copy of the API?

I'm trying to find a way to get all the information in the API in one printable PDF, complete with the examples given in the documentation. Is there anyway I can do this?

Please add the `tagged` parameter to /answers, /users, etc

The /questions endpoint supports a tagged parameter which I find quite useful. However, it's the only route that appears to support this parameter. If, say, I want to get questions asked by a giv…

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