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Full-featured reputation loader

I've made a reputation loader, the primary purposes of which are: track per-site meta pseudo reputation ability to link to the specific day in the reputation history The app is located there. …

StackExchange API Java wrapper

StackExchange API Java wrapper is a Java wrapper for StackExchange API v2.2. ;-) Right now it's in early development stage. I am posting it here because I would like to build it with you. This tool…

v0.1, hsz

Quick navigation between answers

This script provides you with a box which contains the links to the answers on this page. (Click for larger image) Get / update this script.

Add close-vote information to the questions object

Would it be possible to add close/reopen vote information to the questions object? For example, you usually see something along the lines of: close (3) when a question has three (current) close…

Looking for a beginner's tutorial to using the API

I see the Stack Exchange API but I'm unable to understand it. I don't think there is any fundamental tutorial showing how to use Stack Overflow fully in the API documentation. I want some fundamen…

FOX 9000, a bot for the chat rooms

I created a chat bot for the Stack Exchange chat rooms, called FOX 9000. The bot is open-source and the code is hosted on GitHub. The bot is licensed under CPOL (The Code Project Open License) v1…

StackWatcher: Watch Your StackExchange Accounts

Download StackWatcher StackWatcher is a notification area application that polls all your associated StackExchange accounts for activity, including: Reputation Favorite Changes Badge Awards A …

API returns the last activity date even if asked not to

Using the /questions method, I tried to get upvote and downvote counts, along with question Ids. This is the request I sent:…

Where is “Stack Exchange API Documentation” listed?

I have followed How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here to list my application. In{my-user-id} , I find that I have given it access to "Stack Excha…

Posting question using StackExchange API

I created one app to post questions to Stack Exchange Websites. While checking in doc page of my application, i.e.,, the question is posted. If I …

/questions/add of StackExchange app gives nonsense response

When I run from the doc page and from my app. The response is sometimes nonsense: { "error_id": 407, "error_message": "You cannot perform…

Role of “preview” in “/questions/add”

To post questions using Stack Exchange API, I am using /questions/add. What does parameter preview do, i.e., if we set it to true/false, what behaviour would it give?

Hide sites from Hot Network Questions section

Screenshot About The 'Hot Network Questions' section has questions from websites which are not very interesting for me so with this script you can: Hide questions from those websites Stop hi…

Freehand Circles Drawing Tool

A userscript that lets you draw directly onto images on any Stack Exchange site to add freehand drawings :)

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