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SENotifier, a Stack Exchange inbox notifier for Mac OS X

SENotifier is a Mac OS X app that shows the current contents of your Stack Exchange inbox in the menu bar.

Complete list of sites to @include / @match into my script?

This question aims to serve as a reference list of all current Stack Exchange sites for use in scripts.

Test Application (Placeholder)

This is a test application using Stack Exchange API v2.2. Just learning the ropes! link to GitHub page for testing

Dice Stack - Find a random question

Fetches a random question from a Stack Exchange site of your choice. License Free-to-use webapp. Source not available. Features Ability to filter by tags, score and answer status Contact My…

Timestamps with a day

Another script inspired by a meta question, this will prepend an abbreviated day name to all mouseover UTC timestamps. This script requires Greasemonkey on Firefox and Tampermonkey on Chrome. Othe…

View full image sizes on click

Inspired by a meta question, here's a script that makes every image in a post also open itself at full size in a new window/tab when clicked. It will ignore any images already manually linked. Pl…

link in post_id in /me/notifications/unread is wrong

I have run /me/notifications/unread. The response contains post_id and there is a link to it. This link is wrong. The post is on Stack Apps but the link directs to Stack Overflow: I have ho…

Are these fields redundant?

Why do we have total_upvotes + total_downvotes as well as score? Doesn't score = total_upvotes - total_downvotes Is this always true? If so, isn't it redundant?

soapi-notify : Stay ahead of the pack with new question notification V1 release

soapi-notify Stay ahead of the pack soapi-notify is an easy to use windows application that monitors Stack Exchange sites for new questions. Watch a 5 minute end-to-end quickstart video You …

StackTracker - Cross-platform desktop notification app

StackTracker, a cross-platform desktop notifier for the StackExchange API built with PyQt4 The application displays a task tray notification when someone has posted an answer or a comment to a que…

Key Limit is 10k or 100k?

Getting Started FAQ Question says 10k But I see 100k on Response Header X-RateLimit-Max 100000 X-RateLimit-Current 99993 Just typo…

The API v0.9 2010.06.24.002 as seen by SOAPI

Stack Overflow API as seen by the SOAPI parser and code generator: With the API freeze, changes to the vast API should slow to a trickle, making manual maintenance possible. At this milestone, I h…

StackWatcher: Watch Your StackExchange Accounts

Download StackWatcher StackWatcher is a notification area application that polls all your associated StackExchange accounts for activity, including: Reputation Favorite Changes Badge Awards A …

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