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View Post Timeline

Inspired by this MSO question. This tiny userscript will add a link to the timeline for any post, just below the "favorite question" star button. Example image: This is the code: // ==UserScr…

Stack Overflow app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 (Placeholder)

About Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 don't have a StackOverflow app and I would like to create one for both the platforms. Aim: To create an app that can be used to browse through the questions …

Marking inbox items as read in api v2.2

I'm aware of this question, but it applied to an older (readonly) api version. Given that API 2.2 is read/write, I figured this might be possible now. Is there any way for an application using th…

Intent for official SE Android app?

Does the official SE Android app export intents? If not, can they be added? My app, for example, allows users to click on many UI elements to let them see the original question, users profile, sit…

Looking for Bookmarklet to Create a Question

I want to build a small bookmarklet which can take the selected text and send it to Stack Overflow to create a new post containing the selected text. Also get a unique id or something that helps …

Search function in the API doesn't work as expected

This looks like an error in the search part of the API. This search URL: /2.2/search?tagged=javascript&intitle=get%20column%20array&site=stackoverflow doesn't return any answers. I'm su…

Show when user is online

I apologize if this already exist, but i could not find it. My question is, is there a real-time display next to the user question if that user is still on line or not. Something like this (green…

Testing the write API (Placeholder)

This is a test post for my application to have write access to test the Stack Overflow API.

Display tag excerpt tooltips when editing a question

There's a 25-score question on MSE with the same title requesting this feature. The obvious solution: create a userscript to do it. :) You can install the script by clicking here.

How can I access a user's ID on another site (eg. SU) if I have their ID from another site (eg. SO)?

If I have the ID of a user from any site, how can I get that's user's ID for a site I specify? Eg. If someone's ID was 10349 on Super User, how could I get 10349's id on Stack Overflow? I know I'…

Access to my Upvoted Questions

I would like to see just my upvoted questions (Don't care about other users as such). There are some related posts: List of Votes by Authenticated users Can I see my past upvoted questions in ha…

se2jekyll.rb—export Stack Exchange posts for use on Jekyll blogs

Synopsis se2jekyll.rb site post_id Example ( $ se2jekyll.rb Meta.Puzzling 3020 > Republished at: http://jericson.github.i…

Threaded comments

Display comments on questions and answers in conversation threads instead of linearly

Application Write Access for Markus (Placeholder)

I'm developing a site with Stack integration and I need to be able to write, so I'm making the required post for write access. I will update it in the future.

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