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Can we have some debug endpoints for testing corner cases?

After encountering a throttle violation today (which I posted in another question), it occurred to me that although I've put together code to handle "backoff" conditions, and potentially throttle v…

Create a question Bookmarket

I want to build a small bookmarklet which can take the selected text and send in to stackoverflow to create a new post containing the selected text. Also get a unique id or something that helps t…

How to track the open/closed status over the history of a question?

I'd like to find out the times in the history of a question when it was closed and reopened. How can I do that using API v2? The closest relevant call I have found is /questions/{ids}/timeline, w…

Starred message image section in chat

I have almost no experience with javascript, widgets and scripts myself, so I'd like to ask someone to make this useful chat addition a reality. (Original Meta.SE feature request) The idea is to …

How to search answers like is:answer

How can I use the API to search for answers containing particular text or with particular properties? For example, this link allows me to search for is:answer foo, that is, answers containing foo. …

Get reputation changes across all sites without querying each one individually

I'm looking to make an app that shows your reputation changes throughout the network. /me/reputation-history/full almost accomplishes this, but it's on a per-site basis. I only want one query to ge…

Getting display name of the site on which question is located

When using the /questions method to retrieve a particular question, I'd like to also get the display name of the site on which the question is located (e.g., User Experience). At present, the API d…

When API site goes offline, please return a JSON , instead of Stack Overflow alike offline HTML page

I've just noticed that my api queries are failing in JSON parsing, because of API Site shows offline HTML Page. I wish it would return a valid JSON response, instead of HTML Page.

What happened to the JSON documentation for the API?

Back in version 1.1 of the API, we used to be able to do: ...which would return information about the method in JSON format. However, attemptin…

Unhelpful error message when attempting to authenticate

I moved my app to a different server as part of a rewrite, and forgot to update the URL of the app on Stack Apps. When I tried to send a query to and pass my (old, i…

Give us a site's API name in the list of a user's sites

In the /me/associated method, I get back a bunch of JSON - but the api_site_parameter name is nowhere to be found. Why? It's kind of important. Could we have it?

/associated should include user's display name and the api_site_parameter

/associated should include api_site_parameter The /associated routes return the site_name and site_url but not the api_site_parameter. It would be useful if it did because api_site_parameter i…

Get favorited tags of user

This was requested in 1 and declined because of a missing authentication method. Now that authentication is in place, is there a way to retrieve the favorited tags of a user (myself)?

Remove API 1.x menu from the sidebar

Now that version 1.x of the API is on its way out the door permanently, can we go ahead and drop the associated menu from the sidebar?

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