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link in post_id in /me/notifications/unread is wrong

I have run /me/notifications/unread. The response contains post_id and there is a link to it. This link is wrong. The post is on Stack Apps but the link directs to Stack Overflow: I have ho…

Difference between `/inbox/unread` & `/me/inbox/unread`

I ran /inbox/unread & /me/inbox/unread. What is the difference between the two? Also, the site parameter which we give in call to /me/inbox/unread is not required as inbox_item refers to glob…

Looking for a beginner's tutorial to using the API

I see the Stack Exchange API but I'm unable to understand it. I don't think there is any fundamental tutorial showing how to use Stack Overflow fully in the API documentation. I want some fundamen…

Clickable link in “Try It” section of some doc pages

In the "Try It" section of some doc pages, the link is not present. It is present in the below image Its not present in the below image

Where is “items” & “badge_counts” documentation?

Where is the items & badge_counts documentation? This is returned as JSON. I am using the /me/associated query function.

Please make the site search on the API alphabetical

When I search, I want the sites to be alphabetical: Please can they be?

“What is meta” should be rephrased tells that there is "Meta Stack Apps". However there isn't. Stack Apps is its own meta and meta is used to ask meta questions here.

Which reputation events are private?

I've been reading the API documentation on retrieving a user's reputation history (docs/types/reputation-history) and Stack Overflow's description of how reputation is calculated. But, I can't fin…

What happened to the JSON documentation for the API?

Back in version 1.1 of the API, we used to be able to do: ...which would return information about the method in JSON format. However, attemptin…

top-answerers / top-askers documentation bug: number of results returned incorrect

The top-answerers-on-tags and top-askers-on-tags documentation claim: Returns the top 30 answerers active in a single tag, of either all-time or the last 30 days. and Returns the top 30 a…

Application Key and AccessToken are not working for Stack Exchange API?

I am having issue while using access_token in my request. I have followed following Doc and used explicit OAuth 2.0 flow for access_token generation.…

What is the “inname” parameter to the /tags 2.0 API?

I'm just playing with the new 2.0 API and in /tags there is a field inname that I can't find any description or documentation for. What does it do? Is it like the old filter parameter on the old A…

Are the “body”, “comments” and “answers” parameters supported in the API version 2.x?

Earlier with version 1.x, the parameters: body, comments and answers etc. were available. But these don't seem to be supported with API version 2.x. Are these parameters not supported in new API? A…

Indicate in documentation whether “numbers” can be non-integral

"number" is an very ambiguous term. Integral or non-integral? For developers in more dynamically-typed languages like JavaScript, this is not an issue; but when using more statically-typed languag…

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