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Can I have a separate account just for testing my Stack App?

I want to test my Stack App to make sure it works properly without and problems. Is it allowed if I use a separate account just for this purpose?

Guidance on usage thresholds - specifically throttling

I am running a lot of tests and have started to get 403 errors. I am using a key and certainly have not exceeded my quota. Am I running foul of some yet unmentioned throttling threshold and if so…

How to search my threads based on some key words?

As I have already many threads in some StackExchange sites, sometime I would like to be able to search among them, for instance, based on some key words. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you!

Android app for Stack Overflow

Is there any android app for Stack Overflow available? Which basic features must I include if I develop this app? Ideas are appreciated.

Are the inbox routes (`inbox_item`) missing some item types?

Should there be more options for item_type in the "inbox" routes (they return inbox_item)? Shouldn't they return answer and edit suggested like the site's global inbox does? As shown in this scre…

Okay if our Internal Customer Service Software polls the Stack Exchange API?

We are in the process of creating a number of API's and extensible software which we expect will result eventually in questions being asked on stack overflow for working with our API's and extensib…

Why do you need to specify a site when getting the inbox?

I'm getting a user's inbox via /me/inbox. I am forced to specify a site with this, so I'm setting it to Stack Overflow. However, it still gets all my notifications, including those from other sites…

StackExchange API JS SDk

I am planning to write a javascript library as a wrapper over StackExchange API. Currently, every webapp using StackExchange api needs to compile the url and make a GET request (mostly by ajax) whi…

How can I get a user's Meta site details in the API call?

This query returns the details of the Main sites only:         /associated-users#ids=2855348 How can I get the Meta site details also in the same query? Do I need to add any …

The 'should be closed' description in the flag dialog is missing a word

The 'should be closed...' reason has this description (emphasis mine): This question is completely unclear, incomplete, overly-broad, primarily opinion-based or is not about Stack Exchange API,…

Enumerated types documentation in 1.1 API

I'm starting to implement requesting question and user activity in my framework, but the new 1.1 API documentation doesn't seem to indicate what the possible return values are for the fields any mo…

Edit opportunity: Help remove image spam

ImageShack has replaced many old images, on Stack Exchange sites, with spam like: Help us purge Stack Apps of this foul scourge! Here's how: Pick a post that needs editing: You can use SEDE…

Helping people is 'noise or pointless'?

How to batch up multiple id requests to maximize economy and still avoid (400) Bad Request [closed] closed as noise or pointless by Kevin Montrose♦ Aug 16 at 23:15 This question does not add anyt…

Are these fields redundant?

Why do we have total_upvotes + total_downvotes as well as score? Doesn't score = total_upvotes - total_downvotes Is this always true? If so, isn't it redundant?

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