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Do the questions tagged “placeholder” need it explicitly in the title?

I have create a placeholder question, but just noticed that all the other ones have "(placeholder)", "[PLACEHOLDER]" or some variant in the title. Do I need to include it in the title if it's tagged?

Getting historical data for careers?

I'm wondering if there is a possible way to get historical data regarding job postings made through careers, even for postings that have already been filled. Does careers keep this data at all, and…

Helping people is 'noise or pointless'?

How to batch up multiple id requests to maximize economy and still avoid (400) Bad Request [closed] closed as noise or pointless by Kevin Montrose‚ô¶ Aug 16 at 23:15 This question does not add anyt…

How to search my threads based on some key words?

As I have already many threads in some StackExchange sites, sometime I would like to be able to search among them, for instance, based on some key words. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you!

How much traction does your StackApp get?

How much traction (in terms of for instance sessions per day) does your Stack App get? What have you done to spread the word about your app? My experience from my first Stack App (StackRating) is …

How API Keys Work

What are the API request limits? A single IP address can only make a certain number of API requests per day, depending on the presence of a valid API key. Default API daily limits: Key: 10,000 …

Sane limits for script that auto-loads new reviews for easier manual reviewing

I was looking at Am I allowed to use/create robots to track questions? just now and started wondering whether my current userscript to help with reviewing has quite the right internal rate limits. …

What is the difference between accepted and is_accepted?

I saw there are two fields in answer type. One is accepted, introduced in v2.2 and needs private_info access. While another one is is_accepted without these limits. Can somebody give an explanation?

Load answers to a question with review-like wrapper HTML

I'm trying to implement this feature request in SOUP, but I'm having trouble figuring out a good way to actually load the answers. I can just load the full question page (like this one, for examp…

Any guarantees on JSON string encoding?

According to the JSON specification, JSON can be returned in one of five string encodings: UTF-8 (the default encoding) UTF-16 Little Endian UTF-16 Big Endian UTF-32 Little Endian UTF-32 Big Endi…

Are there any restrictions on using icons/look-and-feel from the site(s)?

Can I haz non-logo icons from the site(s)? I'm designing an app and my plan, assuming it pleases the court, is to use some of the icons/look-and-feel from the site. For example: The green and …

A userscript collects all useful userscript?

Although I can code, I don't really want to code if it's not relevant to my work. I love using userscripts, but spending time digging the repository makes me tired. Do you have a "super"-userscript…

Stack Exchange App for Windows 7

I was just wondering If anyone had made a Stack Exchange app for Windows 7 like can be accomplished in Chrome but without needing to have any software like Chrome installed. If such an app does no…

StackApps for Windows Phone 8

Can anyone suggest a good app for Windows Phone 8 or let me know Where an I find API to build my own? Thanks.

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