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Does anyone have a script that lets you log in to chat server side?

There doesn't seem to be any sort of API for chat. I'm working on creating one, however I'm stuck at the login bit. How can I get Python (or some other server side language) to log in to chat? The…

How to convert unix timestamp to .NET DateTime

Hi, What is the format of the "creation_date" that is returned from a search of questions? I've been looking all over here and can't figure it out. I want to convert it to a regular DateTime object…

Does Stack Apps have some special rep and Community Wiki modifications?

I have posted a "question" (actually an app) on Stack Apps, and received two upvotes on it. Each gave me 10 reputation. This runs counter to every other Stack Exchange site - and, indeed, the Stack…

Any news of more write APIs?

It's been a while since I was last here. Is there any news on further updates to the API? (I'm specifically thinking about adding more write methods.)

How can I get unread messages for inbox testing?

I use /users/{id}/inbox/unread method to get unread items in a user's inbox. But how could I test it if I have no unread items in my inbox? How can I get/generate unread messages for testing? P.S…

How to get the: answers, votes and comments of a question using the Py StackEchange library?

I am using the Py StackEchange library and trying to fetch the answers to a particular question using the question id: import stackexchange so = stackexchange.Site(stackexchange.StackOverflow) me …

How to track the open/closed status over the history of a question?

I'd like to find out the times in the history of a question when it was closed and reopened. How can I do that using API v2? The closest relevant call I have found is /questions/{ids}/timeline, w…

Do I need Stack Overflow's permission to launch my iOS app for Stack Overflow?

I have a Stack Overflow app for iOS that doesn't use the API. It just uses search and web (scraping?) to display questions. Do I need to get approval the from Stack Overflow team?

Is it really worth to (implicitly) discourage documentation of API/library usage nowadays already?

Update: Kevin provided an answer, which, while adding something of value to the three related questions together (by naming the originating concern eventually), actually does not apply to the ques…

List of example questions

Since it's hard to find examples of questions with various attributes, maybe we can turn this into a reference? Here's the problem: I want to try out the locked_date attribute in one of my apps, b…

Post Score vs. Age App?

Has anyone put together a script to generate the score vs. age of a question? If this script were run on all questions in a particular tag, the curve generated by taking the average over a time w…

Java wrapper for Stack Exchange

I am interested in building an Android or Java ME application. Is there a Java wrapper?

What is “accept_rate” in the Stack Exchange API?

when I call the /users path, like: /docs/users-by-ids#&ids=1&site=stackoverflow In the reply, I get a field called accept_rate. What is that field about?

`type=jsontext` JSON results for help pages

It would greatly simplify machine reading if we could apply type=jsontext to API help pages, including the index. Update: Here's an unofficial JSON schema for v1.x.

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