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Error: Cannot return to provided redirect_uri

I am trying Stack Exchange OAuth in local Magento site. I tried this URL: $url = "****&scope=no_expiry,read_inbox&redirect_uri=".urlencode('http…

Can we have some debug endpoints for testing corner cases?

After encountering a throttle violation today (which I posted in another question), it occurred to me that although I've put together code to handle "backoff" conditions, and potentially throttle v…

Stack Alert [Google Chrome Extension] - Keep tabs on your inbox without needing to have a Stack Exchange site open.

Tell at a glance how many items are in your inbox without worrying about having a tab open to a Stack Exchange site - you can even read them right from the extension.

How to write a first application?

How to write the first applications to use StackOverflow, for C# under the platform WinRT? How to use the API-functions? Is there a ready-made packages for under winRT (NuGet)? Are there a step by…

StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StacMan is a .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StackExchange API Java SDK

This project aims to provide a Java wrapper to the Stack Exchange API. SDK supports Stack Exchange API V2.2 Getting Started There are two interfaces to the library. Query Interface Facade I…

Getting display name of the site on which question is located

When using the /questions method to retrieve a particular question, I'd like to also get the display name of the site on which the question is located (e.g., User Experience). At present, the API d…

StackExchange API /sites/ does not return all the sites

I am working on one application that produces timeline of user on every site of StackExchange.. We have some users on Since I want list of all the sites, I am trying…

API returns the last activity date even if asked not to

Using the /questions method, I tried to get upvote and downvote counts, along with question Ids. This is the request I sent:…

Give us a site's API name in the list of a user's sites

In the /me/associated method, I get back a bunch of JSON - but the api_site_parameter name is nowhere to be found. Why? It's kind of important. Could we have it?

Get favorited tags of user

This was requested in 1 and declined because of a missing authentication method. Now that authentication is in place, is there a way to retrieve the favorited tags of a user (myself)?

OAuth login fails for Stack Exchange and Facebook, but not Google

I'm integrating with Stack Exchange API on iOS 6 & 7. To authenticate, I load up a UIWebView with the OAuth page. Google login works well, but Stack Exchange and Facebook do not. Are these prob…

List of Votes by Authenticated users

In the API documentation for the question type, it says that you can access, for a specific question, whether or not the authenticated user (in the private_info scope) upvoted/downvoted the questio…

Ruby library for Stack Exchange API

I have written a Ruby library for accessing Stack Exchange questions, comments, badges and users. I am adding more methods. Repository Documentat…

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