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Chat Resizifizer

Are you you annoyed when you are typing a long chat message, but the textbox is so short? Worry no more! This userscript makes it possible to resize the entire bottom part of the chat page (a.k.a. …

Greyscale MSE Favicon

It's just easier to distinguish SE from meta.SE when one of them has a greyscale icon like a proper Meta should.

Vidopop - iOS App for video messaging

Vidopop lets you send a video message to other apps (Facebook, Twitter, StackExchange, etc...). We have just begun to integrate with StackExchange, so you will not see StackExchange in the app yet.…

Serel: A Ruby Library with full support for API 2.0

Serel is Stack Exchange RElational Algebra, a fully featured Ruby library for the Stack Exchange API.

Brand new to Stack Exchange API

I am brand new to Stack Exchange API and Android (well, self taught in the last four months). I have been working on creating a school project focused around Android and JSON. My initial idea was t…

Dude, where's my cursor?

This user script makes editing especially of large posts easier by matching cursor positions in the text box to positions in the Markdown preview and vice versa.

WordPress Widget to display a Stack Overflow profile

What? Background: A WordPress widget is a re-usable and configurable set of code that renders something visually, into a WordPress blog. The blog administrator typically configures the set of widg…

Test App (place holder)

This is a test application for OAuth. I have no problems right now. This is only a placeholder for testing purposes.

StacMan - .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

StacMan is a .NET client for Stack Exchange API v2

Please add a “self answer” flag to the answer results/object

Is there an easy way to tell if an answer is from the question poster? I'm working on Blaze, and I'm grabbing answers from the /answers method. I'd like to indicate if the answer is from the quest…

Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch

The Stack Overflow Unofficial Patch (SOUP) is a project to collect various minor client-side bugfixes, work-arounds and usability improvements for Stack Overflow and other Q&A sites on the Stac…

API documentation pages match some site names incorrectly

The bug is not in the API itself, but in the pages documenting its methods. To reproduce, follow the link and observe that the pa…

SOStacked: Stack Exchange iPhone client

Stack Exchange iPhone client. Search questions, subscribe to a tag set, view user profiles and more. Available on the AppStore.

v2.0, Jilouc

Windows Phone app forgets its place when sleeping

Sometimes, when I'm reading a question on the Windows Phone app, the phone goes to sleep. When I wake it up, it's forgotten I was reading a question, and has gone back to the main screen. This is r…

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